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Progressive Jackpots What Are They

As new players consult online casino offers they will see the presence of some games marked ‘progressive’.
These games are slightly different from the others and players should grab the differences and the mechanisms before placing a bet.

The principles of operation of progressive jackpots
A progressive jackpot consists of a big prize whose value increases every time a player makes a bet. Usually, the same progressive jackpot is powered by more casinos. For example, on the Internet you will find more casinos that feed a single progressive jackpot.

So the progressive jackpot is constantly swollen thanks to a small draw on bets made at various casinos.

In order to reach such figures, progressive jackpots are managed by online casino networks, which allows to secure payments of winnings that are sometimes astronomical. The highest progressive jackpot has reached the sum of 6,374,434 euros. Once the money is cashed by the lucky player, the progressive jackpot starts its progress again from a pre-established sum.

The main games that offer progressive jackpots in casinos are slot games and video poker games. Usually the jackpot is hit when the player places five identical symbols on an activated payment line.

How to win progressive jackpots?

If you want to make a fortune in online casinos, progressive jackpots are the best way to win dizzying sums. The rules of the game are simple: you have to choose a game with a very high jackpot and read the rules of the game carefully. Usually, to win the progressive jackpot of some games you need to place a maximum bet (Bet Max). Before playing in real mode, we recommend that you train in the free version of the game.

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