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InterCasino Beats two thousand Online Casinos to take home Gambling’s Oscar


InterCasino, for a second year in a row, has taken home what the Internet gambling industry affectionately nicknamed “The Gambling Oscar”. The award, officially entitled “Gambling Online Magazine’s Readers Choice Award”, is given annually to one of the 2,000 online casino gambling sites that its readers declare “the best in the business”. Over 60,000 online gamblers took part in the voting this year, making it the most comprehensive online gambler’s poll ever conducted.

Quoting the ecstatic and affable InterCasino Manager Ryan Hartley: “I want to thank the players who voted for us, and of course Gambling Online Magazine. We are thrilled to win this award two -years running and all of us, at InterCasino are simply beaming. It shows that the hard work that we have put into making our customer service and match deposit the best in the market has been recognized by the people who count – our customers.”

Two of the hottest new InterCasino gaming products released in 2002 are InterBingo (who received an honorable mention for Top Bingo Site’) and InterCasinoPoker (ICP). InterBingo has real-money bingo games running 24×7, while ICP brought a player-verses-player poker forum to InterCasino’s fully comprehensive product range.

InterCasino has paid out over $4 billion in winnings since 1996, and the casino has delighted dozens of players with mega-progressive slot and poker jackpots each in excess of $100,000. In 2002 alone, InterCasino progressives paid out $5MILLION.

According to Michael Caselli, Gambling Online Magazine’s Editor, “InterCasino won the Best Casino of 2002 category by a healthy margin. It is fantastic to see how truly satisfied InterCasino’s players really are with their casino. Congratulations to InterCasino and to their players.”

The Internet gambling community is clearly impressed with InterCasino’s 40+ games, 98% payout ratios and top ranked customer service. Now we’ll just have to wait and see what they have in store for 2003.

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